About Us

Power Ugesi Services Limited was founded by Mr. Karl Smith in 2010 who, has maintained a healthy growing Organisation that thrives in an ever dynamic and technologically driven industry.

The company strives to be industry leaders, involved in the development of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems for electric power producers. Power Ugesi aims to offer a skill set and services geared to improve the production of electricity through monitoring services. The company & it’s founder believe in Quality, and a Safe working environment, thus; it has created and implemented a Quality & Safety, Health and Environmental System.

Karl Smith

Karl Smith


Karl is the cofounder of Power Ugesi Services, he has over 18 years of transformer refurbishment and installation experience within the Rotek and Electrical Power Engineering industry as well as the establishment of successful SMME repair facilities across the globe. In addition Mr Smith has established successful companies that provide Transformer and Generator monitoring solutions, products and services within this market. Mr. K Smith Founded Ugesi Transformer Solutions 2003, which provides Power Engineering & Transformer Consultancy and Project Management Services and Transformer products. From 2004 to 2010 additional businesses were established such as On-line Condition monitoring for Power Transformers and Hydra & Turbo Generators, Supply Chain solutions such as RFID, Asset management, disposal services and integrated software solutions applicable to our products and services. His skills set are internationally known for their successes within the utilities industry.